Intelligent personalization is the new premium

Make your business better
Brands drive real estate businesses, beginning with referrals, which come from good experiences. Our solution (including our mobile app) makes your business better by enabling you to deliver a premium customer experience at scale.
Our MatchBot™ immediately and expertly responds to your clients’ questions and inquiries, tracks each client’s homebuying progress, keeps schedules, sends alerts and even schedules appointments. This means your agents can operate at the highest level of professionalism and efficiency.
Our HomeMatcher™ ranking tool prioritizes leads based on how well homes fit a particular client, based on a wide range of factors (like style preference, location, budget, lifestyle and stage). This means your clients are much more likely to find the “right home,” and faster.
Our StyleExplorer™ allows sellers to explore their immediate market room-by-room to help with pricing decisions. It allows buyers to engage with your brand around styles and explore their likes and dislikes before they engage with specific properties in the physical world.

We start with the visual, using computer vision, machine learning, and thousands of images to train our software to find what users like so that
Make your profits bigger
The more productive your sales force and the higher the quality of your product, the more money will fall to the bottom line. Higher close rates, highly qualified leads, and the word of mouth from a happy client base all translate to increased margins.
Purlin AI intelligently nurtures homebuyers, fields questions, and moves the process forward. The platform will alert you when buyers are ready to act!
For communication
May we email or call you regarding this property?
We are emailing you additional details. At any time, please feel free to call us at: (415) 787-5462
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We are emailing you additional details. At any time, please feel free to call us at: (415) 787-5462