We help you get what you want by knowing what you like

Explore your style
We created this site so that you could start your search with a personal style exploration.
With this StyleExplorer™ you can peek at architectural styles, layouts, room designs and décor, and the “look” and “feel” before you even see a listing. You can look into kitchens and compare furnishings side-by-side. Or bathrooms. Or pools.
While you browse and save (“peek”) the images that you like, StyleExplorer is creating your style profile and getting better and better at knowing what you want.

We start with the visual, using computer vision, machine learning, and thousands of images to train our software to find what users like so that
Find your fit
We created HomeMatcher™ to fix the problem with most home searches: they start with countless full of ill-fitted listings.
When you are ready to search listings, HomeMatcher™ combines your style profile with your geographic preferences, budget, life stage and lifestyle to refine your profile and rank your search results (click below to sign in or download the Purlin app). Every listing will come with a personalized MatchScore to help you compare options.
If you have comments or questions about a home, its neighborhood, valuation or other details, MatchBot™ will respond immediately and expertly. These interactions will refine your profile even more.
Close on your home
MatchBot™ guides the process through to the end, providing updates and alerts and answering inquiries.
MatchMath™ calculates a projection of all of the costs related to closing and owning the match. It also provides a direct link to mortgage brokers and lenders.
For communication
May we email or call you regarding this property?
We are emailing you additional details. At any time, please feel free to call us at: (415) 787-5462
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We are emailing you additional details. At any time, please feel free to call us at: (415) 787-5462